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Silicon carbide nozzle

Introduction to Silicon Carbide Nozzle

The color of the finished silicon carbide nozzle is mostly black or green. Large hardness is the most obvious advantage of silicon carbide nozzles. Silicon carbide is not easy to break, and its elongation performance is also very good. This material is particularly suitable for spiral nozzles that are difficult to make from other materials. It can also be used as a vortex nozzle.

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Technical Parameters of Silicon Carbide Products
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The information provided in this table is for general material performance reference only. Customers should be aware that the exact characteristics of the material may vary depending on the product configuration, but if specified, the value of most characteristics can be closely controlled. Nothing in this document is provided or interpreted as absolute engineering data or constitutes a guarantee or statement. Please contact Dongxin for cost-effective design, development and manufacturing assistance.
Silicon carbide nozzle detail  Image